M!A Night Terrors Doll || OPEN


The Professor racked his brains, trying to think of a way to get Clara back. He put his hand in his pocket and felt a cloth bag. He took it out Fairy dust. Of course, he thought. He knew fairy dust was the purest of magic and could transforn any person back into their original form. He opened the bag and took some, and threw it at the peg doll formally known as Clara. Once the fairy dust made contact with the doll, it began to sparkle.

As the fairy dust sparkled, it became a great purple cloud that surrounded the doll, hiding her from view for a moment. It cleared away quickly, and Clara — the real, human Clara — stood in the center, teetering on her feet; she suddenly fell forwards in a faint.

My character has just become public enemy #1 for reasons unknown. Would your character stand by my character’s side, or turn against them?

"You wash up on a deserted island alone. Sitting on a sand is a box. What is in that box?"

[[I was reading Lis Sladen’s autobiography last Saturday, and I came to this part where she talks about meeting Tom Baker while outside of work (they didn’t really hang out beyond production stuff, apparently), and Tom said that he wanted to buy her a coat or a Guinness. 

Since reading the book, I guessed that neither of these purchases were made, and sort of imagined that, when Tom goes to Heaven (or wherever it is we’re going), he’s going to find Lis, and one of them is going to mention that coat and Guinness. And I kinda laughed at that.

We miss you, Lis. RIP.]]

M!A Night Terrors Doll || OPEN


He backed away slowly, knowing what would happen if they touched. “No…” he said softly. “You’re still in there, Clara…” he said, a tear rolling down his cheek. “I won’t give up…”

"Don’t run away; let’s play!" The doll began to shuffle toward him, childish laughter coming from its painted lips.

this didn’t happen in the books



Look at these idiots. Look at them. Luke the adorable confused puppy. Rani the ‘I think I know what’s going on’ and Clyde the Horrified.

Sarah Jane, look at your children.

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3. My muse tied to the bed

"Clara?" the Doctor asked, looking around.

"But why did she suggest you tie me to a bed?" the Doctor asked.

Clara shrugged. “No idea,” she admitted. “Is it a thing you used to do? I mean, I saw a pair of handcuffs in the library the other day, and I had to wonder…”